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Kid Hand Boat


 KId Hand boat Introduction

1)Our Kid hand boat is made of  engineering plastic material with High Density ,Impact resistance,and never fading in the sun.

2)Impeller with advanced special design accoding to the principle of hydrodynamics,can provide highest speed geting a little exert forces .whoever old and young is easy to
operate the 360 rotating crank ,whatever forward,reverse or turning back it is flexible.

3) Impeller through water will induce a buoyancy force strengthening the boat more stable in the water . Accurate design draft can ensure the
 draft of Impeller, and rapid the speed of the boat.

4)The boat is easy to assemble,save, carry, install, demolish you can play wherever you are.

5)Any parts of hull is designed for long term use,and any color is available for choosing.

6)A hole at the stern is uesed to  control the boat, Another hole on the right of hull is used for locking the boats when not use.

7)Needn't deep water,20cm is OK .

8)Adult boats can bear 100kg,  child can play with her farther or mother .

9)the boat can be used with walking ball or water roller in the the swming pool.

10)the Cover have two styles, traditional and NEW fashion.

11)Special designed hull can stop the water getting in.and rugged weatherproof cover can ensrue the player will not get wet .

12)Application: water amusement park,lake,river.swiming pool ,pool etc.

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