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sleeping Air bag

sleeping Air bag(SAB-01)

sleeping Air bag(SAB-01)
  • Model Number : SAB-01
  • Name : sleeping Air bag
  • Size : 260x70CM
  • Material : 100% Nylon Ripstop
  • Weight : 1.2KGS
  • Packing Size : 47x38x28
sleeping Air bag


Sleeping Air Bag:
With higher and higher living standar, we pay more attention to funny, and play on water is one of them. Before people usually use buoy or life ring , or normal airbeds, but normal airbeds are too big, and not easy to inflate; Buoy is too small, not funny enough. 
That is why our Sleeping Bag (Hangout) is getting more and more popular, small(without air), easy to bring; big(with air), just sleep with it on the beach, start to enjoy your life
Material:100% Nylon Ripstop
Colors for optional: Blue, Green, Purple, Black, Yellow, Rose.
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